We’re delighted to have so many photographers at the top of their game, be connected with Henley Albums. 

Henley Albums ambassador, Rebecca Carpenter


Since choosing Henley Albums as my album supplier, I’ve had more wedding album orders than ever before. Album Assist has been a major game changer in my workflow. The team at Henley design all of my albums which has meant I can offer albums all year round with ease, instead of squeezing in all orders to the quieter months. And the albums are of superb quality – from the print to the box they arrive in.


When it comes to viewing my images, the joy and benefit I get from seeing them in print is unrivaled. Technology has provided us with many wonderful upgrades, but it cannot and will never upgrade print. Henley Albums have provided me and my clients with the highest quality finish and craftsmanship, the feel of the final product never fails to do anything other than amaze me!


I’m a passionate believer in the power of print, and feel my job is only half done until my clients have a beautiful way to enjoy their photos for the future. For me, that’s in the form of carefully curated album, and the photos that make it into this book are what they’ll look at for the rest of their lives.  For that reason I choose Henley Albums to do justice to the memories I’m helping to preserve.

Henley Albums Ambassadors


We are really passionate about printing photos and being able to enjoy them ‘in person’ rather than them being lost at the bottom of a hard drive. So we searched really hard to source albums that are the highest build and print quality, offer value to our couples, and are made here in the UK.  These hand-printed and bound books are an absolute joy to hold and look at.